Doctorate / PhD

Completing a Doctorate degree program in Illinois will pave the path to more income and a sucessful career. Illinois students who obtain a Doctorate degree can be more sucessful in their career and increase their salary. Illinois employees with a Doctorate degree earn and average yearly salary of $66,771. This means you will earn 15% more than employees with a master, or $900,000 more earnings of a career of forty years. And, getting a Doctorate degree can help you find your way down a path to a higher paying new career.

In today’s evolving job market, you need to keep competitive with people who continue their education and compete with you for job openings. During the 2008 school year, 3,024 Illinois residents finished a Doctorate program in subjects such as business, arts, and nursing. Currently, approximately 29.5% of the Illinois population has a Bachelor degree or higher education. If reaching for increased salary levels, you need to further your education and stay marketable in the current competitive labor marketplace. Reaching up to the next degree level will enable you to obtain a new career, learn new skills, and make more money.

What path do I take to obtain a Doctorate degree, and what institutions offer programs online to Illinois residents? As online and campus programs have become more available, there are even more opportunities for you to get to the next level of education. Securing a Doctorate degree typically takes approximately 3-6 years to finish. Time to completion depends on the program specifics, the number of credits completed per semester or quarter, and your current level of education. You can get a Doctorate degree in many different specialties including: Computer Science, Visual Communication, Early Childhood Education, Healthcare Management, Finance.

Getting a degree does take dedication, but today, online degree programs are more accomodating than ever. Most colleges now offer both part and full time accredited programs online so you can get your degree faster and balance your education with the rest of your life commitments.

The schools below offer top online and on campus Doctorate degree programs to students living in Illinois. Don’t wait, request more info now.