About Online Schools in Illinois

At Illinois colleges and universities, you can prepare to enter a vibrant workforce in the state. Over 6 million individuals were employed in Illinois in February 2013, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports, with job gains from the previous month in trade, manufacturing, business services, and financial activities, among others. Illinois is enjoying a business boom, and online schools in Illinois are prepared to meet employer demand.

Potential college and training students have plenty of education options in the Land of Lincoln. The state boasts 9 public universities, 48 community colleges, and 98 private, non-profit colleges and universities. Online colleges in Illinois offer another option. Anyone considering higher education should consider the access, freedom, and flexibility offered by online training—putting it in serious competition with traditional models. Find out how online training can give you an edge.

Top 5 Reasons to Attend Online Schools in Illinois

From big cities to heartland towns,Illinois is defined by its people. The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that in 2012, the state was home to 12.8 million residents. Illinois online schools help to serve those residents with professional coursework designed to support students in a range of degree, certificate, and training programs. Access and connection are among the top reasons to consider online education in the state.

  1. Constant Connection to Online Classes

    Online education strives to provide the connection offered by traditional programs with even more access. The beauty of training online is how you can find it anytime and anywhere. Illinois online colleges offer access to course notes, lectures, homework, and feedback in one convenient location—your computer. You can build on your knowledge anytime in the online forum, even logging in to complete work in the middle of the night. Course instructors typically provide office hours via phone or video chat to answer questions, or you can contact them anytime via email.

  2. Flexibility and Freedom in Training

    From full-time parents to full-time employees to long-time commuters, online education provides a flexibility and freedom that traditional programs may have trouble matching. Training at your own pace means you’re free to log during your lunch break at work, when the kids are asleep, or whenever you have a free second. Any college course will mean study hours and plenty of them, but with online schools in Illinois, class time is anytime.

  3. Unprecedented Access in Your Community

    Just because you live in a small town in Illinois doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have easy access to colleges and universities. Train anywhere with an internet connection and a computer with online colleges in Illinois. Some schools even offer mobile access for tablets and smartphones, making it easier to get online anytime. With online colleges, you can transform a rural library or your living room into a fully operational university.

  4. Multiple Levels of Collaboration

    Training online means entering a diverse student body. Though the same course might have twenty students enrolled, all twenty will have different lives and backgrounds, coming to class with different learning preferences. Different kinds of learners enjoy different programs online; visual learners enjoy video lectures and images, while auditory learners may listen to lectures and check in with professors over the phone, while collaborative learners benefit from communicating with their fellow students. Illinois online colleges offer different learning modes program-to-program and you should research a few options before you make your choice.

  5. Faculty Professional Support

    Calling your teachers on the phone is just the beginning of the support opportunities for students of Illinois online schools. Technical support is typically available whether you’re brand-new to online education or a seasoned pro. What’s more, many schools employ a full-service academic admissions department there to help you select courses and navigate your financial aid options. Some schools have dedicated support for active military and veterans, which benefits the770,388 U.S. Veterans living in Illinois, according to the Census Bureau in 2011.

Illinois Online Schools Work for Students

The Census Bureau reports that 86.6 percent of Illinois residents over the age of 25 had a high school diploma in 2011, while only 30.7 percent had a bachelor’s degree or higher.While those figures are in higher than national averages, they also show that there is a big gap in education nationwide. Online schools in Illinois are doing their part to close that gap by offering an education to students in fields as varied as business, education, and healthcare.

Whether you’re searching for an efficient way to earn your professional training, access to a college degree in a community far from the traditional system, or you simply need a program that lets you earn your participation points in the middle of the night, online colleges in Illinois offer a viable option. If you might otherwise put off your education, you can enroll in coursework on a rolling schedule, meaning that you could potentially get started next week, not next year.

Illinois Online Colleges Meeting Demand

The Census Bureau reports that the population in Illinois has grown .3 percent between 2010 and 2012, with a job market that has only grown between September 2012 and February 2013, according to the BLS. Training programs at Illinois online schools are working to meet a growing population and a rising job industry with professional degree and training programs. While no school can guarantee you’ll earn a particular salary or find a specific job, students can feel confident that they are actively working to improve their skills.

Improvements in Web access, technology, and online teaching strategies mean that Illinois online colleges only continue to evolve. As the population in Illinois continues to grow and employers look closely at education qualifications, training means improving your chances of success on the job. Take a look at online programs, learn more about your financial aid options, browse technology support services and more below.

Browse Illinois Education and Demographic Information:

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School Name Program Types Enrollment
American InterContinental University-Online Campus, Online 16,538
Benedictine University Campus, Online 7,013
Bradley University Campus, Online 5,639
Catholic Theological Union at Chicago Campus, Online 437
Chamberlain College of Nursing-Illinois Campus, Online 2,701
Chicago State University Campus, Online 6,882
Concordia University-Chicago Campus, Online 5,135
Danville Area Community College Campus, Online 4,447
DePaul University Campus, Online 25,398
DeVry University’s Keller Graduate School of Management-Illinois Campus, Online, Hybrid 9,345
DeVry University-Illinois Campus, Online, Hybrid 27,921
Dominican University Campus, Online 3,612
Eastern Illinois University Campus, Online 11,178
Elmhurst College Campus, Online 3,455
Everest College-Bedford Park Campus, Online, Hybrid 564
Everest College-Burr Ridge Campus, Online, Hybrid 356
Everest College-Melrose Park Campus, Online, Hybrid 424
Everest College-Merrionette Park Campus, Online, Hybrid 558
Everest College-North Aurora Campus, Online, Hybrid 359
Everest College-Skokie Campus, Online, Hybrid 638
Greenville College Campus, Online 1,501
Illinois Institute of Technology Campus, Online 7,787
Illinois State University Campus, Online 21,310
Institute for Clinical Social Work Campus, Online 96
Judson University Campus, Online 1,124
Kendall College Campus, Online 2,225
Knowledge Systems Institute Campus, Online 119
Lewis University Campus, Online 6,394
Lincoln Christian University Campus, Online 1,088
Loyola University Chicago Campus, Online 16,040
McKendree University Campus, Online 3,221
Methodist College Campus, Online 520
Midstate College Campus, Online 629
Millikin University Campus, Online 2,341
Moody Bible Institute Campus, Online 3,528
National Louis University Campus, Online 5,679
National University of Health Sciences Campus, Online 850
North Park University Campus, Online 3,220
Northwestern College-Southwestern Campus Campus, Online 1,027
Olivet Nazarene University Campus, Online 4,177
Prince Institute of Professional Studies Campus, Online
Quincy University Campus, Online 1735
Rasmussen College-Illinois Campus, Online, Hybrid 1959
Roosevelt University Campus, Online 6620
Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science Campus, Online 2026
Rush University Campus, Online 2118
Saint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing Campus, Online 556
Saint Xavier University Campus, Online 4709
Southern Illinois University Carbondale Campus, Online 19817
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville Campus, Online 14235


School Name Program Types Enrollment
The Chicago School of Professional Psychology at Chicago Campus, Online 2861
Trinity College of Nursing & Health Sciences Campus, Online 222
Trinity International University-Illinois Campus, Online 2823
University of Illinois at Chicago Campus, Online 28091
University of Illinois at Springfield Campus, Online 5137
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Campus, Online 44407
University of Phoenix-Chicago Campus Campus, Online, Hybrid 1485
University of St Francis Campus, Online 3321
Western Illinois University Campus, Online 12554